Because you’re worth it, mom

11967154245_e47a371e3e_bAs a mom, you’d never dream of turning to your child and saying, “Ugh, you’re so fat. How can anyone find you attractive? Get yourself together, kiddo.” That would be horrific, right? So, why is it okay for so many of us to say it to ourselves?

It’s not okay

You’re a person who deserves your love, respect, and attention just like your loved ones. Beating yourself up and ignoring your needs is just as bad as if you did it to them. You’re a better person than that. And a better mother.

Only so much

Neglecting your needs eats away at your reserves. And an emotionally / physically / spiritually starved person can’t be a great parent – especially if you sub-consciously end up resenting the people you sacrifice yourself for because of it. A warm, patient, and effective mother must remember to refuel.

Feeling good

If you’re a victim of your own disregard or negative self-talk, it has to stop. From now on, these are things you’re totally allowed to do:

  • Weigh more (or less) than you’d like
  • Buy yourself new clothes even if they’re not in the size you’d like
  • Not have perfect skin / clothes / eyebrows / teeth
  • Feel gorgeous anyway
  • Be sad
  • Be happy
  • Eat good, healthy food that makes you feel good about yourself
  • Not always eat good, healthy food
  • Spend a little extra money on things that are unnecessary, but important to you
  • Take regular time out to:
    • Exercise
    • Be alone
    • Be with friends
    • Prepare food that only you will eat
    • Watch a movie
    • Do nothing
    • Do anything

You’re allowed to do these things because they’re what make you happy. And a happy you is a more balanced, healthy, relaxed, capable, supportive, strong, generous, and beautiful you.

Do it. The kids will thank you.

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