Want to feel good about your body? Get moving.

5116145499_267de3480d_bAccording to recent statistics, 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting. But more terrifying, is the fact that 42% of girls in grades 1 to 3 want to be thinner and 53% of teenage girls are or think they should be on a diet. Our body images are in the toilet; a perception that can cause yo-yo dieting, eating disorders, depression and low self-esteem.

Perceptions like these are dangerous. But, there may be a simple solution. Several studies show that people who exercise experience an improved body image even with minimal changes to their appearance. In fact, according to eatingdisorderhope.com, ‘Exercise is just as effective as cognitive behavioral therapy to improve body image, and it has the benefit of physical health.’

Further, the University of Florida found that ‘duration, intensity, length or type of exercise did not seem to matter – those who exercised more than the minimum recommended thirty minutes, five days a week, and older adults, were most likely to report improved body image from exercise.’

Bottom line? Getting your body moving, even just a little bit, can make you feel gorgeous. #justsaying

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