Strength training for women – it’s not taboo

exercise-841167_640Strength training isn’t just for men anymore. In fact, it’s probably one of the most effective ways to train if you want that nice, toned look… Without bulking up like a weight lifter.

Surprised? It turns out there are many startling facts about how weight training affects weight loss in women. According to, these are seven of the biggest ones:

  1. You won’t get bulky from picking up heavy things – you will tone beautifully.
  2. Targeted exercise won’t change where fat is lost – rather do whole-body training.
  3. Strength training burns fat more efficiently than cardio.
  4. Everybody reacts to diet and training differently – find something that works for you.
  5. There’s no reason men and women should train differently.
  6. Eating less isn’t the most effective weight-loss strategy – eating the right foods is.
  7. Post-menopause is the perfect time to strength train.

Ultimately, the best way to train is the way that makes you happy. But, if it’s fat-loss you’re after, strength training (like the training we offer in our Pilates classes) often comes out tops.

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