Why you should stay active this (and every) winter

dancing-578443_640It’s only natural to want to hibernate in winter. Those fluffy slippers and toasty heaters are a great comfort when your toes feel like they’re freezing off. But is that a good enough reason to stop exercising? Apparently not. Here are Four Reasons to Keep Moving This (And Every) Winter:

1.    It helps to burn more calories

According to Michael Joyner, M.D., endurance athlete and human performance expert, “In the cold, your body regulates its temperature better, so you can often exercise farther or longer, so you can burn more calories.”

2.    It burns more of your white fat

Colder temperatures have been shown to increase your brown fat stores; the (good) fat that uses your white (bad) fat to keep you warm. In other words: higher levels of brown fat + exercise = more fat-burning power.

3.    It boosts your immune system

Studies by the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research found that a regular cold-weather exercise routine boosts your immune system and reduces your risk of flu by 20-30%.

4.    It improves your mood

By working harder to stay warm, the number of endorphins released in your brain also increases, making you feel happier, and more relaxed.

We can’t say getting up to exercise in the cold will be easy, but it will be worth it. And in our cosy studio, there’s even less reason to stay away. Happy exercising!

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