Does muscle speed up your metabolism?

130129-F-JA000-001Muscle burns more energy than fat, right? Everybody knows that. It’s the goal when losing weight: build more muscle and, consequently, speed up your metabolism. But, what if we told you that while this is technically true, the difference is dismal? Yep.

The metabolic rate of muscle

You might find articles online that say the resting metabolic rate of muscle is as much as 50 to 100 calories a day per pound of fat. But this is not true. Studies have found no conclusive evidence of this. In fact, the evidence referred to here and here suggest that one pound of muscle burns as little as six calories a day at rest, while the same amount of fat burns two to four.

Muscle’s recovering metabolism

Muscle doesn’t necessarily burn more energy than fat. But, studies show that the metabolic rate of recovering muscle after moderate exercise (the energy your body consumes to repair damaged muscle and replenish glucose and fat stores) is high. What does this mean? It means you should train well and regularly.

The ultimate calorie burner

No matter what fad comes along, the results are always the same: the best way to lose weight and build strength is through diet and exercise. So, move! Regularly. And include resistance training in your regime (like the kind we do in our Pilates classes) to keep your muscles working. There is no quick fix to staying healthy.

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