Lose fat, not muscle.

pexels-photoLosing weight comes down to caloric deficit: eating fewer calories than you burn. Nothing new there. But did you know that when you lose weight, it isn’t always just fat that you lose? Often, your body burns your gorgeous muscles too… making you lighter, but not necessarily firmer, or even healthier.

How do you prevent this? This is what aworkoutroutine.com recommends:

1.    Eat enough protein.

2.    Maintain your strength levels.

3.    Reduce your weight training volume and/or intensity.

4.    Get your pre- and post-workout nutrition right.

5.    Don’t cut too many calories.

6.    Incorporate calorie/carb/nutrient cycling.

7.    Take diet breaks when needed.

8.    Avoid excessive amounts of cardio. Or don’t do it at all.

Fascinating, right? We thought so too. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. It turns out there’s a whole world of biological stuff going on with every action you take. Read more here.

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