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December 2017

Dear Body Diviners!

As the year ends, I’ve taken the time to reflect on the highlights of 2017. Most of you have journeyed with me as the studio moved from the Valley Centre, to Holland Street and finally to our cosy and permanent studios on 23 Mackay. As a mom of two boys as well as a passionate Pilates instructor and business owner I have always wanted to work from home and this has been a dream realized for me! Although there is still much work to be done, I am so thrilled with the new space and the beautiful outdoor scenery (i.e. my personal lake )! I have wonderful plans to renovate, redecorate and make this space into the piece of heaven I believe it is.

Speaking of goals realized, it has also been a year of watching you guys work hard to achieve your own personal goals, here are some wonderful testimonies:


What an amazing journey it has been with Sarah at Body Divine! Not only have I reached my goals of becoming fitter and healthier, but fitness and health have become part of my lifestyle. Through her well-structured classes, that are loads of fun, and her suggested recipes and food preparation recommendations, Sarah has created the perfect combination of exercise and fun for any individual wanting to get fit and lose weight. And, a bonus for me was that my back and neck problems have decreased dramatically! Talk about life changing!

Thank you, Sarah for your amazing work and to the family of Body Divine that make every workout so epic!”  Kristen Porteous


I started classes with Sarah when I was diagnosed with herniated disks in my neck. I was advised to stop all running too. After a year with Sarah, I have strengthened my core muscles and legs to the point where I have started running again. The targeted leg and core work has made me feel stronger than ever and I am able to manage my neck injury without constant medication. I highly recommend Pilates at Body Divine as a remedial programme for all types of injuries.” Jonathan Holden


“Thank you to Sarah at Body Divine for working tirelessly with me to rehabilitate my back. And, for adding the personal touch of consulting with my chiropractor to ensure maximum results with no injury! I am a new person!” Sarah Jackson


“Jonathan and I have both been advised by medical professionals to stop running due to back and neck injuries. After 18 months of Pilates with Sarah we have both been able to start running again. I am feeling stronger and more positive then I have in years.” Claire Holden


These are awesome success stories, and my vision for 2018 is to encourage and promote each one of you to achieve your goals! As clients of Body Divine, you are in fact my ambassadors, and as such, your success is my success.

To get you closer to your goals, I will be introducing an exciting new format for the various classes. I will be adding extra classes to the weekly schedule, which will be grouped into specific themes to cater to the different needs and levels of intensity and will be changing the pricing and accounting structure.


NEW * PP Pure Pilates- they will accommodate those who need to rehabilitate injuries or want to perfect technique, focus on posture, breathing, core control.

FT Functional Training: A combination of Pilates and functional training. Well balanced full body workouts with weights, bands, balls and bursts of cardio.

Timetable of classes:

6.10am FT


6.10am PP  —— 6.10am FT  6.10am PP




8.30am FT   8.30am PP


  8.30am FT 8.30am PP


8.30am FT 8.30am FT
1.00pm FT 1.00pm PP
5.30pm FT  5.30pm PP


5.30pm FT 5.30pm PP


6.15pm FT 6.15pm FT

I can only accommodate a maximum of 12 people per class, and so for this new set up to work efficiently, I will be changing the accounting system to a direct debit system where you will be required to book and commit to specific timeslots which will be allotted for you alone during your time at Body Divine. Allocating your timeslots will be your commitment to yourself and your goals. The direct debit system will ensure that I am able to dedicate the bulk of my time to helping you reach these goal, as well as managing my class sizes as I will know exactly who is booked for each class, and manage waiting lists. I have always worked on a 30-day cancellation of classes policy, which I will continue. 6 and 12-month contracts will be available at discounted monthly rates.

As my valued customers who have worked with me for a while, you will get first choice on which classes you would like to attend, the remaining available spots will then be marketed and filled up accordingly.

Please see the pricing structure for 2018 below.

CLASSES PER WEEK  monthly                     6 MONTHS              12 MONTHS
1 R620/month                  R600/month           R590/month
2 R950/month                 R910/month            R890/month
3 R1050/month               R1000/month           R950/month
unlimited classes R1350/month               R1300/month           R1280/month


Choose your timeslots according to 1/2/3/unlimited and let me know exactly which classes you would like to attend in 2018. I will work on first come first serve basis. January and December 2018 will be charged pro rata as it is a 3-week month at Body Divine.

I am beyond exciting for 2018.




Newsletter / March 2015

body-Divine-blog-1-150x150[1]Hello again 🙂

2015 started off with a bang with the new arrival of our second little miracle. Joshua Gregory Laatz was born 1 December 2014.  And while most of us were taking a December break, splashing in the ocean or braaing with friends, Ryan and I were comforting our colicky infant. Joshie is now 14 weeks old and settling nicely and I have a renewed energy to get stuck into Body Divine.

Weight Loss Boot Camp


We started our Weight Loss Boot Camp on 28 February 2015 and – although the group is small- each member has seen amazing results already, with each losing an incredible 2kg in one week!

The way the camp is structured is really wonderful.  There are no starvation diets or cutting out carbs or any other healthy food group. Only clean, healthy eating, moderate daily exercise and some serious positive attitudes. Its been fun so far, and I look forward to meeting the group every Saturday for our weigh-in and run!

My Challenge

This Weight Loss Boot Camp holds a very personal challenge for me too. During my pregnancy I once again gained a whopping amount of weight and am on another mission to shed the unwanted kilograms and gain my fitness again.

(I say again because in 2013 I had my first son and gained an incredible 30kgs. I managed to lose the weight by the time Joshie was conceived but it was a long haul.)

This time I am having a very positive experience as I invite others to join in the journey with me. My Weight Loss Camp motto is: “Every day in every way we are getting slimmer and fitter…” and we truly are!


Vegan Eating an option for Increased Energy? / 28 August 2014

Vega-licious ElenaIs it possible that vegan eating could be the answer to all our health concerns, especially low energy?

I’m 25 weeks pregnant and have been suffering from chronic preggie fatigue. Ok, to be honest I’ve never really had insurmountable amounts of energy. I have always loved my sleep, even before I fell pregnant, but lately its been unbearable! It’s pretty normal to feel tired in the first trimester of a healthy pregnancy but after I hit week 23 and was still exhausted all day long, I decided to take action.

I came across this great website Vegalicious – Plant Based Diet Made Simple and decided to try out some of Elena’s vegan recipes.

Although I’m not ready to make the move from being a meat eating, dairy loving preggie chick to strictly plant-based foods, I have been incorporating loads of fresh fruit and vegies into my diet and avoiding all processed foods. I have also tried out a few of Elena’s green smoothies for an extra energy kick.

It has been just over a week and although I’m still tired, I can honestly say that I’ve noticed a few positive improvements in my health. Who knows- maybe vegan eating is the way forward?

– Sarah

Biokinetics vs Pilates / 28 August 2014

Running_WomanMy Pilates clients often ask me, especially when trying to recover from an injury or treat a chronic condition, what the difference is between the services provided by a biokineticist and a  Pilates teacher or fitness coach.

I know the answer in my heart, of course, but I thought it was time to do some research.

According to the Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA), ‘A biokineticist can play a key role in helping you improve your quality of life or performance. He or she does this by means of an individualised assessment and by designing a customised exercise health plan that addresses your specific needs. Biokineticists are specialised therapists who are professionally aligned to health and medicine and are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.”

This makes biokineticists professionally recognised individuals in the medical community, which differentiates them from those of who are specialists in Pilates, fitness, gym and related areas.

But I believe that the roles we play are very similar.

After all, at its core, the word ‘biokinetics’ comes from the Greek “bios” which means “life” and “kinesis” or “movement”. In other words, it refers to maintaining individual quality of life by means of regular physical activity.

What do you think? Are the two similar or different? Does being a medical practitioner make a difference, or is it about results? I’d love to hear from you.

– Sarah

Food Fit by Cara / 20 August 2014

Food Fit by Cara1They say that it’s only 20% exercise and 80% food. As a Pilates teacher, that’s sometimes hard for me to hear. But I believe firmly that – while diet makes you look good in clothes – exercise makes you look good naked.

Having said that, you need to be food fit if you want to be exercise fit. Here’s how:

Use an expert.

Nutrition really is the basis of our health and we really ‘are what we eat’. But because there’s no quick fix to health and wellness, our approach cannot be single-minded.

We need professional guidance to navigating the health journey. We need to embrace and invest in this journey every day. And we need to take our eating as seriously as we do everything else.

That’s why we think you should check out Food Fit By Cara today! You’ll be glad you did.


Learning from Oprah / 20 July 2014

Skinny OprahRemember when Oprah was doing Pilates?

That was the best she’s ever looked. Seriously. Look at those abs.

And there are some really good reasons for that physical transformation…

We can’t all be Oprah, with chefs and stylists and photoshoppers. But we can have a Pilates instructor who knows their stuff – and cares about our abs.

Take a look at this comprehensive article on ‘How Pilates can help you lose weight’, which focuses on muscles, perception, the core, eating right, and adding cardio.

If you’re already a Pilates fan, are you doing all of the other things too? If not, here is some background for you. Email us today for more info.


Newsletter / December 2013

Thank you for supporting Body Divine in 2013. It was an exciting and eventful year, with so many wonderful highlights.

In January 2013 my son Gabriel was born and I became a mom!


During my maternity leave I had a fill-in instructor to teach Pilates on my behalf. I missed the studio terribly and was back to work within 6 weeks of giving birth. Balancing my passion for being a Pilates Instructor with the demand of being a first-time mom was a challenging task, and  I continue to work it out daily!

I was then asked by Top Billing to teach Lee-Anne Liebenberg Pilates, for a special episode on her second pregnancy. I felt ready to take on this exciting challenge after going through my own pregnancy journey and  experiencing what pregnancy is like first hand.

Lee-Anne Liebenberg, Sarah Laatz and Top Billing's Lorna

Lee-Anne Liebenberg, Sarah Laatz and Top Billing’s Lorna

I have also had lots of experience with pregnant ladies, teaching preggie Pilates from first trimester through to 9-months-about-to-pop!

Lee-Anne was lovely and the show aired on Top Billing on Thursday 24 November 2013. South African Airways has also been airing this episode on their flights, which is wonderful exposure for Body Divine Pilates. View the teaser here!

We then began the ‘Body Divine 9 Week Challenge’ – a weight loss and bikini-ready competition inspired by Leigh Crymble, who lost 15 kgs in 3 months. Leigh has since become Body Divine’s brand ambassador.


Leigh Crymble and model Juicy Gemma in downward dog and praying crouch poses

The Body Divine Challenge – which involved Saturday weigh-ins; life coaching & goal setting; Power Pilates sessions in the park; and 5km trail runs was an amazing success. It was tons of fun but also extremely challenging.


Annemarie, our winner, lost 8 kilos in 9 weeks! Well done, Annemarie!


Due to the success of this first Challenge, I have decided to run it again in 2014! Follow @BodyDivineSa on Twitter for updates, or drop me an email on

All in all 2013 was a wonderful year, and I thank you for your continued support and loyalty.

– Sarah