Exercise is love.

5712669523_300d605eb2_bWhen did exercise go from health and wellbeing to just about weight loss? About being thinner, firmer, ‘sexier’?

Moving your body is beautiful. It’s a celebration of the incredible things it can do – not a punishment for the chocolate cake you ate yesterday. 

Keeping your body healthy is important because it feels good; shaming yourself into it is never the goal. In the society we live in, many of us are guilty of this. And it’s time to stop. Because, as Sarah Ogden Trotta, author at Everyday Feminism says:

‘Having a body is not bad; it’s impossible to have too much body; [you are] allowed to take up space’. 

These are 3 of the things that helped her change her exercise routine from an act of shame to one of self-love:

1.    She accepted her body

Most of the time, you don’t accept your tummy like it is now… you accept it for what it might be one day. And that makes exercise pretty sucky. Because instead of enjoying your work out in the moment, you’re just waiting for ‘results’. 

By accepting her body as it is, Sarah no longer runs so she can buy a smaller pair of jeans. Instead, she says ‘I am proud of the movement I engaged in, that I completed something that was hard, and that I feel pride in my accomplishment.’ 

It’s a challenging process. But, by being aware of her thoughts, sitting with them, and allowing them to unravel, it gets easier.

2.    She bought clothes that fit

Because yoga pants and other exercise gear are supposed to feel like second skin. Not spandex that’s so tight it squeezes out a muffin top and rides down your bum when you bend over. No. You need to feel supported, comfortable, and confident to work out properly. So, find a brand that suits your body.

3.    She found her tribe

If you don’t look like a supermodel, chances are you’ll never feel comfortable exercising in a room full of people who do. You want to train with really fit fat people, winded thin people, and those who can hold a plank forever. A place for everyone (you know, like Body Divine), because, like Sarah says:

‘Fitness must be for everyone who wants it – no exceptions.’

Bottom line? Your body is magnificent and it deserves to be celebrated. Come honour it with us.

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