The stats say it all: the most engaged and productive employees are those that are happy and healthy. And corporate wellness programs that address this are positively associated with companies’ bottom lines (Conradie et al, 2016), with some results showing in as little as two weeks.

But, more importantly, companies that don’t address employee wellness are losing money, and talent. Here’s what PWC found:

  • Unhealthy workers take 9 times more sick days than healthy workers
  • An average of 6 working days are lost per employee per year due to presenteeism
  • Organisations who do not promote wellness are 4 times more likely to lose talented staff

How can you avoid this happening to your company?

17374-men-and-women-performing-aerobic-exercises-pvCORPORATE PILATES

Experts recommend getting a minimum of 20-30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise on most days of the week. But with the high demands of the modern workforce, health and physical exercise usually take a backseat. This where Body Divine comes in.

Body Divine Studio provides a mobile Pilates service, traveling to your company and customising packages for your needs. With us, your staff get the recommended physical activity they require without leaving the office. Depending on your company schedule, this can be done before or after the work day, or even during an allocated lunch break.


Pilates has become increasingly popular as it’s suitable for all body shapes, weights, and ages. By incorporating Body Divine’s combination of strength training, toning, and body conditioning exercises, the benefits include:

  • improved circulation
  • reduced back and neck pain
  • increased core strength
  • weight management
  • firmer muscle tone

You don’t need to be fit or flexible to enjoy these benefits either. Plus, small group classes of up to 10 members mean that our specialised trainers provide the kind of personal guidance that ensures that your staff work out safely.


With Body Divine, you get tailor-made training that suits you. This includes:

  • Weekly 30 – 60 minute slots at your offices
  • Individual or small group sessions
  • Optional nutrition plans and exercise consultations with our experienced trainers

All you need is a room or outside area (covered during the rainy months) and an optional exercise pack (provided by Body Divine Studio).

A standard corporate Pilates session costs R850-00 for up to 10 attendees (though this can vary depending on duration and number of attendees).

Contact us for more information.