Looking for a fitness regime where you’re part of a team
Where your training is customised for your body type and fitness levelAt Body Divine, you’re more than just another pair of spandex. In the trusted hands of experienced trainer, Sarah Laatz, and her team, you and your Divine body are family.

Our Pilates and private body conditioning studio in Blairgowrie, Johannesburg, offers private, duet, and group Pilates classes for everyone, from teenagers to pensioners. Whether you suffer from lower back pain, want to lose weight, get your strength back after surgery, or even want to reinvent your body, Body Divine’s core fitness solutions have a history of proven results.

In 2013, Body Divine guided SA model, Lee-Ann Liebenberg, through a preggie Pilates class on Top Billing. Left to right: Lee-Anne Liebenberg, Body Divine’s chief trainer Sarah Laatz, and Top Billing’s Lorna Maseko.


At Body Divine, we push our bodies to their limits and love every second of it. Our classes are energetic, challenging and transformative with a commitment to the Pilates principles of perfect posture, an activated core, and controlled breathing. Our routines are made up of body conditioning exercises using light weights, therabands, balls, and other accessories.

We also accomodate beginners with our  Pure Pilates classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So if fitness is new to you and you really want to start but feel intimidated to join the rest of the fitness freaks- fear not we have the perfect solution for you.

Need some Private attention? With Body Divine’s private classes, you aren’t limited to a timetable or forced into routine that’s out of sync with your body’s needs or restrictions – we tailor-make a solution just for you.


Looking for fitness training that will strengthen your team in body and mind? Look no further. With Body Divine’s corporate wellness solutions, you don’t even have to leave the office. Our customised body conditioning, toning and flexibility training can be conducted at our studio or at your company premises.


Body Divine hosts regular 4-week weight loss challenges for people of all fitness levels to harness the strength of a community and fun to get fit, healthy and lose weight. With Pilates classes six days a week, a healthy eating plan, accountability, and your own fitness expert at hand, Body Divine is the weight-loss partner for you.

Our NEXT CAMP: 25 January 2020. Introductory welcome talk and weigh in followed by Pilates boot camp style. More info here.